2013 HONDA CR-V Assessment VietNam




Began production in 1995, a small SUV, the CR-V has quickly become one of the best-selling car in the world with car sales growth increased steadily over the years. The fourth generation of the model is introduced to customers in Vietnam earlier this month 3/2013 and get the attention of many people. Vehicles will compete directly with the Toyota RAV4 model, Hyundai Tucson , Mazda CX-5 production and higher domestic form Renault Koleos .

Compared to the previous generation, the 2013 version more modern design. Japanese carmakers have “curves” of his designs on the new CR-V model makes the car look sleeker equally strong and masculine. With this design has emerged the opposite ideas of love Honda cars by the tail “clunky” but with more than 4500 CR-V is given to consumers since Vietnam launches first year 2008 to present shows “heat” and the success of this model.

In Vietnam, the 2013 Honda CR-V was introduced with version 2 engines with a capacity of 2.0L and 2.4L accompanying 5-speed automatic transmission, is priced at between 998 million and 1.14 billion.Vehicle warranty 3 years or 100,000 km with 5 white, silver, blue, titanium and black.

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Subaru BRZ gets early sales incentives as cheaper Scion FRS outsells it

If you’ve tried to weasel your way into a Subaru BRZ for a test drive lately, you likely know just how hard it is to get your hands on one of the machines. The rear-wheel-drive coupes are flying off of dealer lots as quickly as they arrive, but according to USA Today, a spot of sibling rivalry has pushed Subaru to offer a small incentive on the BRZ already. Customers are already ponying up an average of $29,085 for each BRZ model sold. Compare that to the $25,653 average transaction price for the virtually-identical Scion FR-S, and you can see why Subaru offered a $400 incentive on the BRZ in June.

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Next Lexus LS to be revealed in San Francisco on July 30

Lexus has announced the automaker will show off its new 2013 LS line in San Francisco on July 30. The shindig will be an invitation-only event, thought the premium automaker isn’t serving up too many details beyond the locale and the date. The LS family will eventually be available in a total of four variants, including a racier-looking F Sport model. We’re also holding out hope that eventually the much fussed-over LS TMG Edition we’ve seen racing around the Nürburgring recently will make the scene. Lexus has kept a pretty tight lid on what we can expect from the next-generation LS, though odds are designers will apply the company’s new spindle grille to vehicle’s fascia.

New headlights with LED daytime running light accents and metal elements will also likely show up. As you may recall, Lexus let slip a glimpse of what could have been the 2013 LS during a presentationback in March. Beyond that, don’t be surprised to see the usual battery of improvements in fuel efficiency, power and toys. Take a look at the skimpy press release below.

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VW readying Jetta Alltrack for America

It looks as if Volkswagen aims to spread the Alltrack love around. Autocar reports the German manufacturer is currently mulling a lifted version of its next Golf and Jetta. European buyers would be able to sink their teeth into the smaller of those two creations, while Americans would be left to enjoy the larger Jetta Alltrack. Like the Passat Alltrack shown above, the vehicles would enjoy a taller ride height, black plastic cladding on the wheel arches and unique front and rear fascias. Why would Volkswagen look to add another crossover to its ranks when it already has the Tiguan?

The next-generation Tiguan will likely be larger and offer third-row seating, leaving a compact crossover-sized void in the company’s lineup. An all-wheel drive high-riding Jetta could be just the answer. There are no solid details on what the driveline could offer, but we’d be surprised if anything other than the current spate of gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines showed up under the hood.

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BMW reveals stunning Zagato Coupe at Villa d’Este

It could be said that no auto show is as glamorous as the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Held on the picturesque shores of Lake Como in northern Italy, the annual concours is sponsored by BMW. So it only stands to reason that the Bavarian automaker wouldn’t let the show come and go without making a splash on its own.

Previous years saw BMW roll into Cernobbio with such show-stopping concepts as the M1 Hommage and the 328 Hommage, but this year it’s not looking back on its history to draw its inspiration. Instead it’s teamed up with celebrated Italian coachbuilder Zagato to dream up the concept you see here.

A rare instance of Munich reaching beyond its own design department, the BMW Zagato Coupé is a one-off concept, but is far from a fragile show car. The shape is aerodynamically optimized and the car is fully road registered in Germany, and has already undergone high-speed testing at BMW’s own test facility. The Bavarian automaker remains tight-lipped on its underpinnings and running gear, but the obvious conclusion – whether ultimately correct or not – is that it’s based on the Z4 roadster.

Whatever lies beneath the hand-crafted aluminum shape, however, is of less consequence than its design. Reinvigorating a tradition of collaboration that goes back to the 1959 BMW 3200 Michelotti Vignale through to the Giugiaro-designed M1 of 1978, the Zagato Coupé concept aptly embodies design cues attributable to both BMW and Zagato – from the twin-kidney grille (whose mesh is made up of little Zs), over the double-bubble roof (a hallmark of Zagato styling originally intended to accommodate a racing helmet in early designs) to the Kamm tail that BMW and Zagato both claim as common heritage.

The greenhouse is set way back and the hood is longer than it took us to put together the immense gallery of high-resolution images BMW has released of the show-stopping concept, which you’ll want to check out in detail along with the full press release below.

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