Romeo Ferraris and Fenice Milano pay tribute to Monza with limited edition Abarth 500

web630 abarth500monza260hp 07 450x298 Romeo Ferraris and Fenice Milano pay tribute to Monza with limited edition Abarth 500

Like weddings in the Deep South, everything with cars is relative. For instance, we’d strain to call most cars with racing stripes running every which way “subtle.” But when the treatment comes from Fenice Milano, anything short of gold chrome is understated. See? Relative.

The Milanese design house is the same that has gilded everything from the Fiat 500C to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. But for this special edition, they’ve teamed up with Romeo Ferraris, the Italian tuning house that’s given us custom Corvettes, Land Rovers and of course… Fiat 500s. Okay, so between them there’s no lack of love for the retro hatchback, and this is the embodiment of their shared passion: the Abarth 500 Monza.

A limited-edition tribute to the legendary grand prix circuit, the Monza edition is limited to just ten examples. So what makes it so special? Well it’s got red and blue racing stripes – the track’s official colors – that do a wicked Herby the Love Bug impression, sans Lindsay Lohan (for better or worse). But while the stripes continue into the white leather interior, this isn’t just a trim package.

Romeo Ferraris stepped in to nearly double the engine’s output, upping the horsepower figure from 135 to 260. They also threw in 280mm Brembo disc brakes, 205/40-R17 Yokohama tires and a full aero kit. And in case that wasn’t enough with the special treatment, each example gets a brass plaque with the owner’s name, an edition number on the shifter and a whole mess of Monza logos all over the place. Which may seem a little over the top, but again: think relative. And while you’re mulling that over, check out the high-resolution images in the gallery below.

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Fiat 500 Abarth coming to U.S., all-electric 500 BEV to launch first

abarth opening 01 450x287 Fiat 500 Abarth coming to U.S., all electric 500 BEV to launch first

The other day we told you to bone up on your Italian because the Fiat 500 configurator came online. Now you should seriously start saving your Lira because the high-performance 500 Abarth model has been confirmed for the U.S. market. No date has been confirmed, but we’ve been told that the launch of all 500 models will be staggered and the Abarth is last in the queue.

Those other variations include the standard 500 that you can start ordering now, the 500C drop-top and a 500 that runs on all-electric battery power. Still, the one we’re breaking out the driving gloves for is the Fiat 500 Abarth… and rumor has it that we might see the tiny terror running Stateside within the next three years because the 500 BEV hits the market in 2012.

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Abarth to go it alone on mid-engine roadster?

abarthssconceptbyied1 630op 450x261 Abarth to go it alone on mid engine roadster?

Reports of Abarth getting its own sports car have been surfacing pretty much since Fiat relaunched the brand. They seem to have intensified recently, with reports alternately suggesting that the Scorpion marque could partner with either Lotus or KTM on the development of a mid-engine roadster. The latest scuttlebutt, however, indicates that Abarth could go it alone on the new model.

The issue with KTM is reportedly that its carbon-fiber X-Bow, upon which the Abarth roadster could be based, is too expensive for the low price point Fiat seeks. The hesitance to work with Lotus, however, may be more personal. Lotus CEO Danny Bahar defected there from Ferrari, and took a number of personnel from both Maranello and Maserati with him.

As a result, Abarth could build a Lotus Elise rival from the ground up, powered by the latest-generation MultiAir engine mated to the company’s new dual-clutch gearbox. Such a move would, however, seem at odds with Sergio Marchionne’s push to integrate products and platforms across Fiat and Chrysler brands. But if a mid-engine Dodge roadster came out of it as well, you wouldn’t find us complaining.
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Paris Preview: Abarth launches EsseEsse versions of 500C and Punto Evo

web630 1246856092969374920 414x300 Paris Preview: Abarth launches EsseEsse versions of 500C and Punto Evo

Following the introduction of Abarth-tuned versions of both the Fiat 500C and Punto Evo at the Geneva Motor Show, the Scorpion brand is preparing to roll into Paris with even hotter versions of both.
Carrying the EsseEsse moniker, both models get a substantial boost in output and a variety of upgrades to match. In the case of the 500C – the semi-convertible version of the popular retro hatch – we’re looking at 160 horsepower (up from 138 in the “base” Abarth 500C) for a 7.6-second sprint to 62 mph. The Abarth Punto Evo EsseEsse, by comparison, is tuned to 180 horsepower, resulting in a run of 7.5 seconds.

Both feature an array of upgrades to the suspension, brakes, rolling stock and more, plus Blue&Me connectivity and Record Monza exhaust (for the 500C) and Sabelt racing buckets (for the Punto). Full details can be found in the press release after the jump, but we’ll have more for you from Versailles at the end of the month.

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01 fiat 500c abarthopt GENEVA 2010: ABARTH 500C BLOWS ITS TOP
For every car, there’s a prospective customer. And for a car like the Fiat 500C, a cutesy retro mini with a pseudo-cabrio sliding canvas roof, we hardly need to point out who that target demographic is. But as if to highlight what a difference the little things can make, the Abarth version is another beast entirely.

By “little things”, here we mean stuff like a 140-horsepower, 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a five-speed sequential paddle-shift transmission and a badass two-tone paint job. All that may not sound like much, but when applied to a little thing like the 500C, it represents the difference between the stock Fiat’s potential customer and the car nut who takes her out for an evening on the town.

If the collaborative minds at Fiat and Chrysler deem us worthy, we’d enthusiastically count ourselves among the Abarth 500C’s potential customers. But for now we’ll just have to enjoy admiring it on the show floor here in Geneva where it’s just been unveiled, and we have the photos to prove it along with more details in the press release after the jump.

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