Coyote Cobra: Superformance MKIII roadster powered by the Mustang’s 5.0L V8

lead spf 50 roadster 450x298 Coyote Cobra: Superformance MKIII roadster powered by the Mustangs 5.0L V8

We were smitten with the Coyote 5.0-liter V8 the second we got behind the wheel of the 2011 Ford Mustang GT. We described the 412 horsepower engine as “a pot of pure honey” as well as “intoxicating,” and said that the “5.0-liter V8 pulls like a jet airliner.” With a curb weight of just over 3,600 pounds, the Mustang GT is not as bloated as the Camaro, but by no means a lightweight. Would we like the 5.0L even more if it had less mass to push around?

That’s what Superformance had in mind with its latest creation. The maker of Shelby-licensed Cobra replicas has installed a Coyote 5.0-liter crate motor into one of its MKIII Roadsters, creating a combination of classic styling with the best of Ford’s modern powertrains. The engine wedges snugly into the front of the car, and only a custom air intake and headers are all that are needed to make everything fit.

We stopped by Superformance to get a closer look at the car, and came away with some photos and even some video of it in action. Check out the high-res gallery of the car below, and follow the jump to watch the video and hear what the Coyote 5.0-liter V8 sounds like without mufflers.

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Daihatsu leaving European market

01daihatsuboon 450x297 Daihatsu leaving European market

More than any other, two carmaking giants sit at the top of the industry: Toyota and General Motors. But while GM sells under a (shrinking but still) expansive range of brands, the Toyota Motor Corporation sells most of its vehicles under its own name. That doesn’t mean that Toyota, however, doesn’t have its own portfolio of subsidiaries. Here in the United States we have the youth-oriented Scion division, while Lexushandles its upscale offerings, and overseas there’s Daihatsu.

The budget brand offers a range of small cars under its own name; most are hatchbacks, but there’s also the Copen roadster and even a rebadged Camry called the Altis. You may have come across some of their offerings while traveling overseas, particularly in Europe, but that last part is about to come to an end, according to reports.

Word from across the pond is that Toyota plans to withdraw Daihatsu from the European market altogether. The move would reportedly take effect in 2013, and if it comes to pass, would follow similar withdrawals from the North American (1992) and Australian (2006) markets.

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Scion sales down 20%, but “we have the exact customer we want”

scion emblem opt 450x300 Scion sales down 20%, but we have the exact customer we want

A chat with Scion Vice President Jack Hollis was probably the biggest ‘Let’s get something straight’ moment we had at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. Sales were down 20 percent in 2010, the new 2011 tC didn’t get the warmest reception from its former proponents, and the perception is that Scion is losing a grip on its youth-oriented message. Hollis sought to address those points and more:

  • “Some people have the impression that we’ve lost youth… but it’s about identical: the median age for the tC was 28 last year, now it’s up to 29. It’s still the youngest in the market.” As a brand, Scion has a median age of 41.5 years, up from 40.
  • Scion’s sales were down 20 percent last year, but Hollis says that’s only the point “if volume is your goal.” He went on to say, “We could double sales, but we don’t rely on traditional incentives.” Sale prices remained non-negotiable throughout the recession and the only two cash incentives – $1,000 off for college students and military personnel – are handled through Toyota Financial Services. Hollis is more focused on “Who is the buyer you’re capturing? The average age of our buyer in a recession was under 30. We have exactly the buyer we want.” That means that “we lost numbers, not youth. That’s not a Scion problem, that’s an industry problem.”
  • “The key tenet of Scion is to sell to people who have never purchased a Lexus, Toyota or Scion before.” Seventy percent of buyers of the first xA and xB had never bought into the Toyota group before, and Hollis says that although the second generations of both models were very different, they achieved the same percentage of first-time buyers. “It’s not my intent to have loyalty retention, but Toyota brand retention,” to get the buyer started on an investment in Toyota’s products.
  • Still, volume is on his mind. “My goal is to increase sales.” The 2011 Scion tC had an 80 percent increase in Q4 last year compared to 2009, and “I have the tC all year this year.” Hollis expects sales better than last year, “absolutely,” and even to make gains on 2009 numbers.
  • On keeping up the momentum, he’s admits that “Scion has got to find new ways to attract youth,” adding “I think Scion will take the lead.”
  • If you have your eye on a Scion iQ, it’s “coming out in summer,” and you’ll be able to tweak it as you would any other Scion. There will be less customization possible than on a tC “on a percentage basis,” but the ethos remains, “when you bring out a Scion you need to have personalization.”

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Video: Banned Dacia Duster advert is funny, strange

stress ball money DS04AP3 447x300 Video: Banned Dacia Duster advert is funny, strange

Let’s just start by saying that the ad in the video after the jump contains some not-so-safe-for-work language and a couple of crude body gestures. Lancia evidently worked up an ad for its Duster that was intended to underscore the great bargain that its pint-sized SUV represents. In the process, the company managed to alienate an entire nationality and portray its dealers as a pack of bloodthirsty, vulgar thieves willing to yank the shirt off your back and insult your wife. Would you be surprised if we told you that this particular spot was apparently banned? We didn’t think so.

Still, if you’re an admirer of the art of stringing together obscure profanity, you’ll likely get a chuckle out of this unconventional ad. Hey, no one ever accused us of being the classiest kids on the block. Hit the jump to take a look for yourself, just remember to plug in those earphones if you’re on the clock.

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Should left turns be illegal?

ncdot superstreetillustration 450x267 Should left turns be illegal?

If you sit down and think about it, the notion of making a left turn across oncoming traffic at a stoplight is pretty absurd. All that stands between you and certain oblivion is the hope that other drivers headed your direction are obeying the speed limit and paying enough attention to notice when the light turns red.

Traffic engineers have known for years that hanging a left increases the likelihood of an accident and wastes fuel. The minds at UPS have even gone so far as to design their delivery routes with fewer left turns, and transportation departments all over the country have adopted so-called “superstreets” that force drivers to make a right and then a U-turn in order to go left or straight.

Sound absurd? Think again. According to Smithsonian Magazine, researchers at North Carolina State University have found that the superstreet design is more efficient and safer than allowing drivers to turn across traffic. After examining data from 13 superstreet intersections and comparing them to their traditional counterparts, researchers found that, on average, the superstreets delivered a 20-percent decrease in travel time and caused 46 percent fewer reported traffic collisions. More importantly, the superstreet design caused 63-percent fewer accidents that resulted in personal injury.

There’s some food for thought the next time you’re hanging a left.

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