Honda recalls 470K vehicles after Toyota, both used same supplier

was2997086opt1 450x220 Honda recalls 470K vehicles after Toyota, both used same supplier

Honda has announced that it’s recalling a total of 470,000 vehicles in the U.S. due to the same failing master cylinder problem that caused Toyota to recall 1.66 million vehicles worldwide this week.

According to The Detroit News, the two automakers used the same supplier for the part, and when owners use a type of brake fluid other than what’s used at the factory, a seal within the master cylinder may fail, causing a leak that could eventually lead to loss of braking power altogether. Honda says that a warning light would illuminate before this happened, however.

The Honda recall covers 2005-2007 Acura RL models and 2005-2007 Honda Odyssey minivans, while the Toyota recall includes the 2005-2006 Avalon and 2004-2006 Highlander (non-hybrid only), and 2006 LexusGS, IS and RX cars and crossovers.
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First look at Disney’s new Cars-themed adventure park ride

02 cars ride 1287691994 380x300 First look at Disneys new Cars themed adventure park ride

When we were but knee-high auto obssessives, our two favorite rides at Disney World were Space Mountain and Indy Speedway. One gave us a genuine feeling of speed while the other let us pretend for a few fleeting moments that our driver’s license wasn’t quite so far away. Now it looks like youngin’s out there will have a new car-themed attraction to check out in the Magic Kingdom, or more specifically, Disney’s California Adventure Park. Motor World Hype has managed to get their hands on a few quick shots of the amusement park’s new Cars-themed ride.

Called Radiator Springs Racers, the attraction is set to open sometime in 2012. In addition to the marginally-creepy looking cars in this particular ride, Disney is planning a whole section of the park dedicated to thePixar film. The opening should coincide nicely with the Summer 2011 release of Cars 2… and it may just give us still-car-obsessed adults a good reason to revisit our youth.

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Report: EPA poised to outline medium- and heavy-duty truck emissions standards

big rig 630 450x202 Report: EPA poised to outline medium  and heavy duty truck emissions standards

The EPA appears to be close to releasing its proposal for medium and heavy-duty truck fuel economy standards. As you may remember, the Obama Administration called for the first-ever standards for large work vehicles earlier this year. According to The New York Times, a spokesperson with the EPA has said that the initial proposal will be out soon. Analysts had expected the numbers to show up this week, but that’s looking less and less likely by the hour.

Surprisingly enough, heavy truck manufacturers don’t seem to be up in arms over the thought of new fuel economy standards. The New York Times says that the EPA has a history of working closely with big truck makers to reduce emissions, and that this is the next logical step. The EPA and truckmakers say agree that today’s diesel rigs crank out 60 times less particulate matter than similar equipment did in 1988. That’s thanks in no small part to the EPA’s clean trucks program, which is geared toward promoting clean-diesel technology.

The new fuel economy standards are expected to show up in a climate bill that already regulates fuel consumption for passenger cars, light-duty trucks and stationary devices like generators.

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Canadian dealer association looks to ban right-hand drive cars

rhd skyline1 450x238 Canadian dealer association looks to ban right hand drive cars

The current law in Canada allows for right-hand drive vehicles older than 15 years to be imported into the country, a loophole that allows for the importation of neat foreign iron that includes Japanese kei cars like theSuzuki Cappuccino as well as larger enthusiast cars like the Nissan Skyline. But the Canadian Automotive Dealer Association appears eager to stop the influx of these elderly RHD vehicles. The CADA claims that the cars and trucks, which the group claims are imported from Asian countries, are “dirty and unsafe.” The CADA goes further by saying that the vehicles are often used for “street racing and other reckless acts,” and it claims that the vehicles are 40 percent more likely to be involved in an accident. The proposed solution for these right-drive nuisances is for the Canadian government to change the antique designation to 25 years to reflect the changes made by the U.S. and Australia.

Critics suggest that the real reason these vehicles are so unpopular with the 3,300 dealers associated with the CADA is that the imported vehicles are nibbling away at their car sales. As the reasoning goes, the older RHD vehicles aren’t as safe or as environmentally friendly as newer vehicles, but neither are the left-hand drive vehicles on used car lots all over the country to our north. Hit the jump to read over the CADA’s official press release.

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Poll: 2011 Dodge Challenger V6 takes on Mustang, Camaro

dodge challenger se 450x300 Poll: 2011 Dodge Challenger V6 takes on Mustang, Camaro

Dodge has big things headed our way for the 2011 model year, not the least of which is a thoroughly updatedChallenger that seems to be much better equipped to go up against the likes of the Ford Mustang andChevrolet Camaro. Up to this point, even those who loved the last generation’s styling and optional Hemi engine had to admit that lower level models powered by the old 3.5-liter V6 engine were simply unable to match up against its lifelong mortal enemies from Chevrolet and Ford.

As we’ve come to find out straight from the horse’s pony’s mouth, Dodge intends to bring its base-model muscle car up to modern specifications courtesy of a brand spankin’ new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. As a reminder, here’s how the new V6 engine compares to the competitors’ options:
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