300-hp KTM X-Bow R revealed

ktmxbowr501s 450x300 300 hp KTM X Bow R revealed

The KTM X-Bow may not be the prettiest ride on the track, but looks don’t help you win races. With 240 horsepower motivating a mere 1,742 pounds, the X-Bow has plenty of punch to dice through a track with relative ease. And if 240 ponies can help you win at the track or the next stop light, then 300 horsepower ought to be even better. We caught wind of rumors back in July that KTM was prepping just such a beast, with the ability to hit 60 miles per hour in a scant three seconds, and it looks like those rumors were based in fact.

KTM has officially announced that the new X-Bow R is, in fact, the real deal, with a 300 horsepower version of the turbocharged 2.0-liter Audi engine sourced from the S3. The X-Bow R will also sit lower with a lower engine mounting to increase cornering speeds and impress your friends at the same time. The R model will reportedly come in two forms; a “Sport” variant for the street and a “Race” pack for the track.
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Rumormill: Rumblings of Zeta-based family of rear-wheel-drive GM sedans persist

cadillaczetalwb 450x300 Rumormill: Rumblings of Zeta based family of rear wheel drive GM sedans persist

The ongoing yarn about General Motors fielding a brace of rear-wheel drive flagship sedans based on a new generation Premium Zeta platform has hit the big time, with Motor Trend reporting that the platform will underpin a sport sedan for Chevrolet. Last month, the rejigged Zeta was touted as the basis for a flagship Buick that would finally, and properly, challenge Lexus. MT’s report says there will be two wheelbases for this new Zeta, and that those two variants will do duty under a Cadillac, a U.S. Buick and potentially a Chinese-market Buick, and several Holden models along with the aforementioned Chevy.

As the basis for premium sedans, General Motors could spend the money to make it properly light and strong through the use of high-strength steels. The Chevy sport sedan mentioned would be “a kind of four-door Camaro” – Pontiac G8 GXP redux, anyone? – while the Buick only gets described as “cushier,” and both would go on the shorter wheelbase Zeta.

The most interesting tidbit could be Cadillac’s use of the long-wheelbase platform. MT prices a Cadillac flagship at between $125,000 and $140,000 and says the Zeta-based Cadillac, Whitacre’s S-Class rival for the Crest-and-Wreath brand, will sit beneath it. If it all comes to pass, that would give Cadillac a larger CTS, then an XTS, then a properly sporting high-end luxury competitor, then a one-Caddy-to-rule-them-all ne plus ultra model by 2014 or so

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UAW to withdraw Chase accounts because bank refuses MI foreclosure moratorium?

bob king uaw squeeze 393x300 UAW to withdraw Chase accounts because bank refuses MI foreclosure moratorium?

The United Auto Workers and some religious leaders are calling for a widespread boycott of JP Morgan Chase financial services. According to The Detroit News, UAW President Bob King has called on individuals to withdraw their money from Chase accounts and cancel their Chase credit cards. Likewise, King has threatened to withdraw all UAW funds from the institution. The reason? King wants the bank to put a two-year freeze on foreclosures in Michigan. King, farm union leader Baldemar Velazquez and two religious leaders are planning to hold a conference today in Detroit to announce the boycott.

According to the DetNews, Chase, was one of the first financial institutions to try to work with borrowers to help them keep their homes. The company opened up loan counseling centers all over Michigan, including two in Detroit, and modified over 900,000 loans to keep homeowners under roof.

The Detroit News also says that the organizers of the boycott are critical of Chase’s close ties to RJ Reynolds Group, a tobacco manufacturer that has not negotiated with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee for better pay and working conditions.

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Video: Nissan UK commercial for Juke lights ‘em up

nissanukjukead 450x251 Video: Nissan UK commercial for Juke lights em up

The Nissan Juke, a space oddity that continues to win hearts and minds, has a commercial in the UK that continues the crossover’s ownership of left field. The two-minute spot with a music track straight from a Halo ad injects some energy to the Juke mix, suggesting that it might have enough spark to get the city going and make your hair stand on end. Or at least enough to start up Richard Simmons. Follow the jump to watch

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Top ten stolen vehicles of 2009

1994 honda accord 450x248 Top ten stolen vehicles of 2009

It’s that time of year again. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has just released its top 10 stolen vehiclesfrom 2009, and once again, the most stolen vehicle in the U.S. continues to be the 1994 Honda Accord. In fact, all but three vehicles retained the same slots on the list as they held last year. Newcomers include the 1994 Chevrolet full-size pickup at number 7, the 2002 Ford Explorer at number 9 and the 2009 Toyota Corollaat number 10. The ’02 Explorer moved up one notch from last year, and both the 1999 Ford Taurus and 1996Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee dropped off of the list all together.

The FBI recently released a study finding vehicle theft in the United States was at its lowest point in nearly 20 years, though recovery rates were similarly lower than ever, too. NCIB says that may be due to the fact that the majority of vehicles stolen today are immediately cut up for parts instead of being resold as whole vehicles. Like the FBI, NICB recommends owners use common sense by locking their vehicles, installing a warning or immobilization device and considering a tracking mechanism. Hit the jump for the full press release.

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