Ferrari F430 gets Lambo-style SV treatment

web630 svr4301 Ferrari F430 gets Lambo style SV treatment

Exotic cars may look all the same to most passers-by, but gearheads know a Ferrari from a Lamborghini. Japanese tuning house Auto Veloce has blurred the lines somewhat, however. Its Ferrari F430 package gets a similar visual treatment to those seen on the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and Murcielago SuperVeloce. The result is dubbed the F430 Super Veloce Racing. It’s got the front air dam, quarter panel intakes and rear wing like the hardcore Lambos, only they’re applied to the outgoing mid-engined V8 Ferrari. As you can see in the attached image gallery, the Super Veloce Racing package can be applied to either Berlinetta or Spider bodystyles. Call it an unholy mash-up or the best of both worlds; either way, it’s available for order.

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Angry Car Designer dreams up a Ferrari 612 GTO

web630 barcelona0001layer 7 Angry Car Designer dreams up a Ferrari 612 GTO

Just about every time Ferrari comes up with a new variant of one of its supercars – be it the Scuderia, Spider, Challenge, XX or what-have-you – someone takes it upon themselves to imagine what another Prancing Horse from the stable would look like with the same treatment. Some come out looking better than others, but push comes to shove, there is no 458XX, no 599 Challenge and no California Scuderia. Once in a while, though, someone comes up with something truly intriguing.

In this case, that someone is Sasha Selipanov of Berlin, Germany, also known as the Angry Car Designer. Sasha’s idea? The Ferrari 612 GTO. Only the thing is, these renderings don’t depict what the Scaglietti would look like given the same treatment as the 599 GTO. No, this is something altogether more intriguing. More like a mix between the Aston Martin One-77 and the Ferrari 458 Italia, with a few elements from the original 250 GTO thrown in there for good measure. (Ferrari, Pininfarina? Are you paying attention for the 599′supcoming replacement?)

It’s a design study, so there’s little more left to discuss other than viewing the renderings for yourself, so check ‘em out in the large gallery below. And if you like this, check out the source site, where Sasha’s got some other intriguing designs on file. Most of them Ferraris, natch.

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Casino valets give Ferrari F430 to wrong owner, let him drive away

f430 630 Casino valets give Ferrari F430 to wrong owner, let him drive away

As if we needed another reason to steer clear of valets everywhere, a report from The Herald Sun claims that a casino in Australia has handed over an F430 to someone other than the owner. This week, professional poker player Van Marcus stopped into the Crown Casino with some friends for a little recreation. Adam Ramsey was there at the same time, though when it came time to leave, Ramsey approached the valet stand claiming that he had lost his ticket. The guy points to the drop-head Ferrari F430 in the parking lot and says it’s his. The valet crew asks the gentleman to fill out a form with his personal information, which he does, and hands him the keys to the Prancing Horse.

When Marcus discovers his car is missing, he’s none too happy, and calls the police. It took the law a mere six hours to lay its hands on the car after Ramsey stopped for fuel. Now, typically, we look down on car theft in the biggest way possible. After all, you just don’t mess with another person’s vehicle. But you’ve got to admire the cajones on good Mr. Ramsey. He’s currently pleading guilty to charges of vehicle theft.

Meanwhile, Marcus claims that the car doesn’t even feel like his anymore. There was no damage to the vehicle. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

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Ferrari idling engine plants and laying off workers?

ferrari 630 1273683893 Ferrari idling engine plants and laying off workers?

All is not well in Maranello. It would appear that the ripples of the global recession have finally reached mightyFerrari. According to Bloomberg, the Italian supercar manufacturer has decided to cool production and send a healthy handful of workers packing amidst the announcement that production targets have been nearly halved for 2011. The report points the blame directly at Maserati. Ferrari’s sister company has scaled back its orders for Ferrari-built engines, leaving both companies’ coffers light.

Ferrari is contemplating drastic moves in order to maintain its profitability, including nixing 120 office positions and 150 factory jobs. The company also wants to idle its production facility for a full week – effectively laying off nearly 600 workers in the process.

Needless to say, the announcement has led to unrest, and workers walked out in protest for four hours yesterday. But numbers are numbers, and Ferrari has said that it will cut production from 20,000 units this year to 11,100. For what it’s worth, last year, the company built 4,500 engines for Maserati – exactly half of what it built for 2008.

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Ferrari ‘forced’ to add hybrid, emissions concerns not ‘real’

ferrari hybrid Ferrari forced to add hybrid, emissions concerns not real

By now, you’ve likely seen the various hybrid vehicles shown off by Ferrari, both for racing and for street-legal models in concept form. Purists might be more than a bit put off by the idea of a supposedly eco-friendly vehicle wearing the famed Prancing Horse badge, and it seems that Ferrari head Amadeo Felisa commiserates with them.

Speaking to Autocar at the recent Beijing Motor Show, Felisa had some rather interesting remarks on the future of his company, notably regarding the powerplants needed to meet future emissions and fuel mileage requirements. Says Felisa:

Our customers are looking for the essence of Ferrari – the emotion, the performance, the technology and so on. The way in which we fix emissions is not their problem but ours. If we are not able to fix it, only then will it become a problem for them.

That’s rational, we’d say. But here’s the point where Felisa’s comments seem sure to garner a few raised eyebrows amongst the environmental set:

[Hybrids will come in] 2015, if we are forced to by the [government] regulations. The issue of emissions for Ferrari is more a political one than real one. Lowering emissions of every Ferrari will not save the planet, but it will cost us a lot of money… In the next five to 10 years, hybrid technology will develop and maybe something else will come up. Maybe it’ll be hydrogen, but for our cars only hybrid is ready.

So, hydrogen isn’t ready for Ferrari (or vice versa) and the only reason the sportscar manufacturer is even looking at hybrids is because the various governments of the world are making them. Oh yeah, and nothing with more than two doors. At least that much we can all agree upon.
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