Video: GM dares to compare Chevy Cruze to… the old Hyundai Elantra?

cruze vs elantra 450x253 Video: GM dares to compare Chevy Cruze to... the old Hyundai Elantra?

General Motors is using the phrase “Dare to Compare” as part of a campaign pitting its vehicles directly against competitors. In a new video you’ll find after the break, the Chevrolet Cruze lines up against theHyundai Elantra… the now-outdated 2010 Hyundai Elantra.

While the Cruze 1LT (why not the base LS?) indeed performs quite well against the previous-generation, base-model Hyundai sedan, we would prefer to see it go wheel-to-wheel with the 2011 Elantra. Apples to apples and all that, right? As it stands, Chevrolet has dared to compare itself to an older version of a car that has since improved greatly. Hardly seems like a fair fight…

For those wondering about the dollars and cents, the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze 1LT starts at $18,175 (the base Cruze LS starts at $16,275). By way of comparison, the base 2011 Hyundai Elantra GLS starts at $14,830 and the 2010 model started at $14,145.

It’s not that the Cruze isn’t a fine car… but ya know, the new 2011 Cruze is quite a bit better than a lot of older cars… including the Cobalt this Elantra once competed with. Click past the jump for the clip.
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GM to double Chevy Volt production capacity in 2012

web630 01chevroletvoltfd2011 1295789304 450x298 GM to double Chevy Volt production capacity in 2012

With fuel prices anticipated to rise, General Motors anticipates increased demand for the Chevrolet Volt. To stay ahead of the game, the automaker reportedly plans to double production capacity for the plug-in hybrid.

Production was originally pegged at 10,000 this year and 60,000 next year, but if the increased capacity comes to pass, those figures could increase to 25,000 this year and 120,000 units next year. This strategy depends on parts availability, however, and if the outsourced parts necessary to build more Volts can’t be ramped up by OEM suppliers, the plans could be cut short.

As has been reported, in addition to the Volt itself, GM is evaluating possibilities to apply the car’s gasoline-electric drivetrain to a range of additional products across different GM brands.

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GM marketing chief Ewanick: “We’ll focus on Cruze all year long”

gmcruze111 450x298 GM marketing chief Ewanick: Well focus on Cruze all year long

Joel Ewanik was recently named General Motors’ global marketing chief, so we sat down with him and Buick marketing honcho Roger McCormack at the Detroit Auto Show to find out how they plan to get more attention for GM’s brands.

  • For both men, the priority is to get people in seats since GM appears to realize that it can’t just rely on people to trust its marketing. “We’re making great cars – the Cruze was the first car in its segment to get five stars under the new NHTSA standards,” Ewanick said, “we need to get people in sitting in the cars.” For Buick, McCormack said as well that his brand will focus on “Activities to get people in cars, sitting in cars, experiencing cars.”
  • On the subject of settling Cadillac’s advertising, Ewanick said, “With Cadillac we’re trying to create some dissonance, putting them in ski resorts to remind people that Cadillac is a great brand for their snow activities with the all-wheel-drive sports wagon and CTS, SRX and Escalade.” To that end, the brand has done deals with the Northstar ski resort in Lake Tahoe and they’re doing one with Vail, in Colorado.
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GM recalls select 2011 model year pickup and SUV models over axle fears

01 2011 gmc sierra630opt 450x281 GM recalls select 2011 model year pickup and SUV models over axle fears

General Motors is recalling a handful light-duty GMT900 pickups from the 2011 model year due to faulty rear axle cross pins. Both the Chevrolet Avalanche and Silverado 1500 are effected, as are the Cadillac Escalade EXT and GMC Sierra 1500 – a total of 1,262 vehicles in all.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites that these rear axle cross pins were not manufactured up to proper specification and that the pin could “fracture and become displaced within the rear axle.” NHTSA further details the consequences of a displaced pin, saying:
“The driver may hear a banging noise coming from the axle. If the pin shifts out of position, it could create an interference condition and cause the rear axle to lock. The driver may not be able to maintain directional control of the vehicle and a crash could occur without prior warning.”

GM will begin notifying owners about this problem in January, and dealers will install a new rear axle cross pin without any cost to the customer. NHTSA’s official statement is available after the jump

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GM Perfomance Parts let you build your own 700-hp Camaro

02 gm perf ne smith 6301 450x247 GM Perfomance Parts let you build your own 700 hp Camaro

It’s that time of year, kids. Horsepower-crazy General Motorsfans are anxiously dancing around their mailboxes waiting for the latest edition of the company’s performance parts catalog to arrive. As with past years, the glossy pages are packed from margin to margin with everything you need to give your Bow Tie a little extra giddy up. For 2011, the catalog has fully embraced the Camaro, and a pair of dealer-tweaked versions of the Chevrolet muscle car show exactly what you can do with little more than a crate engine and some spare time.

DeNooyer Chevrolet in New York decided to plop an LSX454 in their orange Camaro, coupled to a six-speed manual transmission via the same clutch used in the mighty Corvette ZR-1. The car turns over 520 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels thanks to a tune-port fuel injection system.

But that’s downright child’s play compared to what the minds at NeSmith Chevrolet in Georgia cooked up. Those wrenches plopped an LS9 behind the Camaro’s headlights. With minor tweaking, the supercharged V8 is kicking out right at 700 horsepower, and NeSmith threw in beefier axles and a Baer brake system to bring the whole party to a stop. Hit the jump to check out the press releases.

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