Revised Honda Accord for Europe will debut in Geneva

00 newhondaaccord opt2 450x300 Revised Honda Accord for Europe will debut in Geneva

Honda has announced that it will use the world stage of the Geneva Motor Show to pull the covers off its latest Accord sedan and wagon for Europe. Just to be clear, this car is very different from the Accord offered in the United States. In fact, the European Accord is very similar to the Acura TSX that’s available Stateside. ‘Course, we do wish we could get the European Accord’s fascia on our TSX, but we digress…

So what’s new? Naturally, the exterior styling has been revised ever so slightly, mostly to the front fascia and headlights. Honda has also added what it calls Active Cornering Lights that illuminate when the steering wheel is turned more than 90 degrees and a High-Beam Support System that uses a CMOS camera embedded in the windscreen that senses when to turn the brights on and off.

There are also three new colors: Alabaster Silver, Graphite Lustre and Celestial Blue Pearl, while inside you’ll find a few detail updates to the finishes, including red interior lighting for the Type S models and blue interior lighting for all other trims.

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2012 Honda Civic coming in April, all variants to launch in quick succession

web630 honda civic coupe concept 450x285 2012 Honda Civic coming in April, all variants to launch in quick succession

A Civic for everyone. That was Soichiro Honda’s motto when rolling out the original Civic, and it’s one to which his company intends to stick with the launch of the next-generation model. When the all-new 2012 Civic is launched in April, Honda will roll out a whole variety of body and propulsion configurations within mere weeks of each other, instead of letting months pass between the debut of one model to the next.

Among those variants, we can expect both a sedan and a coupe, with several conventional gasoline engines on offer – including natural gas and hybrid versions – as well as the sporty Civic Si.

The new Civic, previewed recently at the Detroit Auto Show, was slated to debut in 2009. But when the global economy started going south, Honda sent the design back to the drawing board for a nearly complete overhaul before it ever saw the light of day. The result is expected to be much roomier than the current model, though the exterior design hasn’t changed all that much.
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2011 Honda Odyssey

lead1 2011 honda odyssey review1 450x298 2011 Honda Odyssey

While we shouldn’t be shocked by anything coming out of Madison Avenue, part of me is incensed to hearHonda using Judas Priest to advertise its new Odyssey. That’s right, the opening riff of the greatest album from the gods of heavy metal deployed, not in the service of Satan, but to sell a minivan?

While the 18-year-old headbanger in me would like to stand up and rail against Honda (“If you think you’re going to make me think your stupid soccer mom taxi is cool, well, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming!”), the truth of the matter is that Honda’s ad agency nailed it. We’re not teenagers anymore. We’ve grown up and had families. I even own a minivan, and, indeed, there is at least one Judas Priest CD that lives in the center console. And after driving the new Odyssey for a week, I have serious van envy. Honda has crafted the ultimate, state-of-the-art people mover, even if it’s not much more than some flashy design and incremental improvements in areas like powertrain, fuel efficiency and equipment.
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Honda CR-Z turbo fast-tracked

02 hybrid r 450x290 Honda CR Z turbo fast tracked

The Honda CR-Z has us a bit stumped. It’s interesting looking and it’s a sporting handler, but with only 122 horsepower under the hood, power is in sadly short supply. Yes, the CR-Z is also a hybrid, but its 38 miles per gallon combined fuel economy rating is less than impressive.

The solution could be right around the corner. Back in December, the Brits over at Autocar quoted sources who said Honda was planning a turbocharged CR-Z minus the battery pack or electric motor.

Fast-forward a little over a month and the U.K. magazine now reports that the CR-Z turbo is being rushed to production. If there’s any truth to the rumors, the boosted hatch will come in 160- and 200-horsepower versions; a healthy bump for such a small vehicle. So what does “fast-tracked” mean in terms of timing?Autocar claims we could see the CR-Z turbo at the Tokyo Motor Show in December.

Given the fact that Autocar neglected to divulge its “sources,” we’re not quite ready to take the publication at its word. But all the same, Honda must be listening to all the lukewarm reviews regarding the CR-Z, and a production model based on the boosted CR-Z R concept from SEMA could well be the shot in the arm the little three-door needs.

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Honda Accord Crosstour to get four-cylinder option

01hondacrosstourreview2010 1294552155 450x292 Honda Accord Crosstour to get four cylinder option

When Honda originally launched the odd duck Accord Crosstour in late 2009, we were told that the only available powertrain would be a V6, but that plans for a four-cylinder hadn’t been completely ruled out. Now, Honda fansite Temple of VTEC reports that a memo sent to dealerships states that a four-cylinder Crosstour is on the way, arriving at some point later this year.

Details about the four-cylinder Crosstour were not divulged, but we would assume that it’s the same 2.4-liter engine currently found in the Accord sedan. Temple of VTEC reports that a larger four-cylinder unit for theCR-V crossover is currently in the works, so we won’t rule out the possibility of that new mill finding its way under the Crosstour’s hood, as well. Expect the four-cylinder engine to only be available on lower-trim Crosstours, likely without an all-wheel drive option.

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