Hyundai bringing Curb concept to Detroit Auto Show

hcd12exteriorteaser1updatedfinal 1294337897 450x237 Hyundai bringing Curb concept to Detroit Auto Show

Hyundai has announced that it is bringing a new crossover concept – the Curb – to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show next week. We only have two teaser shots of the new CUV, and while the big wheels and overly swoopy lines are concept car-spec through and through, we won’t rule out the possibility of a sub-Tucsoncrossover coming down the pipeline in the next few years. The interior has been given the typical not-gonna-happen future-tech layout, but it is indeed eye-catching and definitely draws our interest.

The Curb concept will be rolled out on Monday, January 10, and we’ll be on hand to bring you the full suite of details and photos live from Cobo Hall. In the meantime, you can check out both teaser images in high-resolution glory in the gallery below.

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Hypermiler Wayne Gerdes: After 2,269 miles and 59 mpg, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid “kicks ass”

sonata toughclimboutofelpaso 630 450x273 Hypermiler Wayne Gerdes: After 2,269 miles and 59 mpg, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid kicks ass

Last fall, hypermiler Wayne Gerdes proposed to Hyundai that he drive a 2011 Sonata Hybrid across the country to help the automaker get the vehicle from the media launch location in California to Ann Arbor, MI, saying he thought he could do it with fewer than two tanks of gas. Of course, he proposed it on October, when the temperatures were still pretty warm and before he knew what the Sonata Hybrids’s fuel tank capacity is. Back then, he told AutoblogGreen today, he thought, the car was “worth 65 [miles per gallon] in the summer. In the winter, with the mountains, that’s a crapshoot.”

Gerdes recently finished the drive, which totaled 2,269.3 miles and squeezed out 59.58 mpg. Along the way, Gerdes learned that the car can hold at least 20.6 gallons, because that’s how much he managed to put in at the first fill up. The Hybrid’s official stated capacity is 17.2 gallons (the standard Sonata holds 18.5 gallons), but official numbers are not something that concerns Gerdes too much. The EPA rates the Sonata Hybrid at 40 mpg on the highway, and he would need much more than that to make the drive without filling up three times.

In the end, Gerdes learned that, “This thing, on the highway, will eat up anything. In fact, it came damn near the Prius, but it’s a heavier car. And I’m a big Prius fan.” The Sonata Hybrid is not a great city car, Gerdes said, but he did have plenty more praise for the vehicle that took him coast to coast (he first drove to Georgia before coming north to Michigan), and you can find that after the jump.

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Video: Behind the scenes of Hyundai’s Pomplamoose holiday commercials

pomplamoosehyundai1 450x250 Video: Behind the scenes of Hyundais Pomplamoose holiday commercials

Have you been digging the fun takes on classic Christmas songs in the “Hyundai Holidays” commercials? Meet Pomplamoose, the musical duo that stars in a series of Hyundai commercials alongside some of the company’s vehicles.

This isn’t the first time Pomplamoose’s unique vocal stacks and arrangements have been used in a car ad, their version of “Mr. Sandman” was used in a Toyota Avalon spot, but the Hyundai commercials are unusual for featuring Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn as prominently as the cars. In fact, the Hyundai commercials are consistent in style with the “regular” videos Pomplamoose has done. The coolest thing (besides the fun instrumentation) is that the ads were shot in the band’s garage. Young Yngwie Malmsteens practicing their minor pentatonic scales now have hope of being discovered without ever leaving the house! Check out the story behind the commercials and see the spots after the jump.

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Honda so excited about winning Japan Car of the Year that CR-Z gets special edition

cr z coty 6301 450x278 Honda so excited about winning Japan Car of the Year that CR Z gets special edition
The 2011 Honda CR-Z may not exactly be sailing to success here in the U.S., but it has managed to walk away with the coveted Japan Car of the Year title. In order to celebrate, Honda has decided to work up a new special edition version of its tiny sport hybrid. Only available in a special “Pearl Dipusafaiaburu” blue paint, the hatch makes use of unique 16-inch alloy wheels and premium metal pedal pads inside. If the color and the wheels don’t make this one easy enough to spot, Honda has also gone through the extra effort of placing a “Japan Car of the Year” commemorative sticker on the rear quarter glass behind the driver’s side door.

Otherwise, the Japan Car of the Year Edition CR-Z will remain completely stock. Neither fuel economy nor power has been upped in any way. Not surprisingly, it looks like this one will remain a Japanese-only offering. Still, if you like what you see, chances are you could recreate the special edition CR-Z without breaking a sweat – or your bank account for that matter.

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Hyundai Sonata edges Volt in Autoblog’s informal Car of the Year poll

sonata 450x288 Hyundai Sonata edges Volt in Autoblogs informal Car of the Year pollThe finalists for this year’s North American Car and Truck of the Year awards may have been no big surprise, but the vehicle that our readers think will win Car of the Year honors came as something of a shock.

The NACTOY judges have picked the Chevrolet Volt, Hyundai Sonata and Nissan Leaf as finalists for Car of the Year. While the Leaf saw a little bit of love with 2,820 votes in our unofficial poll, as well as being named European Car of the Year, the final tally came down to a bare-knuckled fight between the Volt and Sonata. Surprisingly, the Hyundai eked out a win with 8,058 votes and 42.7-percent of the total votes cast, which just barely bested the 7,985 votes cast for the Volt and its 42.3 percent of the total vote.

That’s not a huge margin of victory by any means (a statistical dead heat, as they say), but considering that the Volt has whirred away with honors like the Green Car of the Year, Automobile Magazine‘s Automobile of the Year and Motor Trend‘s Car of the Year awards, we fully expected the Bowtiie to handily walk away with our impromptu poll.

We were pretty smitten with both the 2.0T and the hybrid variants of the Sonata when we hopped behind their wheels earlier this year, and buyers have been no less taken with the base model. The 2011 Sonata has enjoyed a huge year in terms of sales with 183,102 units sold by early December, a year-over-year increase of 65 percent.

Meanwhile, the 2011 Ford Explorer handily beat the 2011 Dodge Durango and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee in our informal North American Truck of the Year poll. You can check out the results from both surveys here, and the stay tuned for when the real winners are announced at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show in early January.

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