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Land Rover Evoque won’t get hybrid

web630 rrevoquedynamic5dr03hr 432x300 Land Rover Evoque wont get hybrid

Despite the fact that Land Rover has gone out of its way to promote its new Evoque as an environmentally friendly alternative to its normal brand of behemoth globetrotting earth movers, Auto Express reports that the front-wheel drive (optional all-wheel drive, naturally) unibody Rover won’t be getting a hybrid powertrain option.

Instead, Land Rover’s global product director John Edwards suggests that any future electrically assisted powertrains will likely be featured in the larger Discovery (LR4 in the States) and Range Rovers. Edwards points out that the Evoque was designed as a lightweight machine, and a small four-cylinder diesel engine can provide the kind of fuel mileage targeted for the model.

While it’s certainly true that hybrid componentry adds complexity and weight, American and Japanese automakers have proven that it’s certainly possible to put the fuel-saving bits and pieces in smaller-sized vehicles. What’s more, diesel vehicles aren’t exactly commonplace on American roads or dealerships, leaving us to wonder if the U.S. market will be left out of the high-mpg loop yet again.
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Startech sets sail with the Land Rover Defender Yachting Edition

web630 defenderyachting 10 450x298 Startech sets sail with the Land Rover Defender Yachting Edition

Think of yachts and you’ll likely conjure up images of opulence and luxury. The Land Rover Defender 90, less so. Don’t get us wrong here: the Defender is one of the most capable and desirable off-roaders ever devised. But to that end, it’s typically a spartan and bare-bones affair. That is, until Startech came along.

The German tuning house has taken the Defender and given it a yachting theme with such touches as a brilliant white paint job, illuminated running boards, and an interior that’s literally decked out in teak wood trim, offset by navy blue leather and Alcantara. There’s also the color-keyed headlamp surrounds, grille and Recaro seat shells, plus 16-inch wheels. Have a closer look in the gallery below and get all the details in the press release after the jump.
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Land Rover reveals five-door Evoque ahead of LA debut

web630 rrevoquedynamic5dr03hr 432x300 Land Rover reveals five door Evoque ahead of LA debut

There once was a time when three-door sport-utes were commonplace, but they gradually gave way to the versatility of the five-door body style. The trio-portal is making a comeback these days in the luxury crossover market, thanks to the likes of the new Range Rover Evoque and upcoming Porsche Cajun. And while the three-door versions of both are scheduled to arrive on the scene first, both are being followed by five-door versions. Land Rover has just pulled the sheet on its five-door Evoque, which will make its official debut at theLos Angeles Auto Show.

The specs are largely the same as the three-door Evoque that bowed at this year’s Paris Motor Show, but with a couple extra doors thrown into the mix to enable easier access to the rear seats. Nothing too complicated there, but it could make all the difference for many consumers looking to keep the sleek profile but not willing to forgo the bodystyle.
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Review: 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

lead1rangeroversc2011review 450x298 Review: 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

Prior to our stint with the 2011 Range Rover Supercharged, we enjoyed some time with a Jaguar XKR. The Jag and the Rover have the same supercharged 5.0-liter V8 and about the same six-figure price tag, which led a friend to ask which vehicle we’d prefer to own. Without hesitation, this author’s answer is the one you’d willingly take off-road. The supercharged Rover has more than enough power to be an exhilarating drive, is extremely capable off road and has room to spare for family, friends, pets, groceries and golf clubs. It just makes more sense than the Jag. Sense, however, usually doesn’t factor in when you’re making a four-wheeled wish list, so we took our friend for a ride, after which he hopped out with a smirk and said, “I’d take the Rover, too…”

This particular Landie is the latest iteration of Land Rover’s most famous sport utility vehicle. Sold alongside the same model with a naturally aspirated version of its 5.0-liter V8, the Supercharged is perhaps not as visually athletic to behold as the Range Rover Sport, or the Jaguar XKR for that matter, but it’s just as powerful as both and can carry more cargo. Which makes the 2011 Range Rover Supercharged an Alex Trebec-approved answer to the clue, “A $102,365 vehicle famous for off-roading that does things on road you didn’t know it could.”

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Paris 2010: Range Rover Evoque shows up ready for production

leadrangeroverevoqueparis 450x298 Paris 2010: Range Rover Evoque shows up ready for production

Land Rover’s critical new Range Rover Evoque debuted today at the Paris Motor Show, ushering in a brave new world for the British off-roader brand. The debut continues the company’s march toward the softroader segment, a movement first started with the LR2/Freelander and now resulting in the handsome new three-door seen here.

Slated to be joined shortly by a five-door version, the compact Evoque fits right into the Land Rover mold design-wise, albeit with a surprising amount of surface jewelry for such a sleek two-box shape. From the protruding fog lamps to the horizontal matte chrome-trimmed hood intakes to the unique divots atop the wheel lip moldings and the somewhat fiddly taillamp lenses, there’s quite a bit to draw one’s eye. The overall impression one gets of the vehicle on the show floor is one of imposing width, a feeling that’s magnified when you realize that an individual of average height can see over the vehicle when standing next to it.
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