Report: Mahindra introduction to U.S. ‘indefinitely delayed’

mahindra pickup large630  450x218 Report: Mahindra introduction to U.S. indefinitely delayed

We apparently won’t be seeing any Mahindra trucks on U.S. roads any time soon. The company has announced that it has no date in mind for its American introduction, and that as of right now, its progress into this market is indefinitely delayed. The hangup resides in an ever-growing legal battle between the Indian company and its almost-was importer here in the States, Global Vehicles USA. As you’ll likely recall, GV USA claims that Mahindra improperly terminated its contract with them earlier this year, noting that the automaker now wants to sell vehicles directly to U.S. customers instead of going through a middle man.

Mahindra, meanwhile, says that it doesn’t want to get into a “war of words” with its former importer. Also, the company has made it clear that it still wants to break into the American market. How exactly it plans to do so is still somewhat murky, however.

In the meantime, Global Vehicles USA has filed an injunction in federal court claiming breach of contract and urging the court to bar Mahindra vehicles from entering the states in the future.
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Mahindra Bolero ‘Attitude’ delivers on its name

01 bolero 6301 426x300 Mahindra Bolero Attitude delivers on its name

It’s been 10 years since Mahindra & Mahindra reworked its Armada SUV into a more civil machine. The company renamed its off-road machine the Bolero at that time, and since then, the beast has found favor with the police, military and regular citizens who need a little off-road prowess in their daily commute. To celebrate the nameplate’s 10-year anniversary, Mahindra has rolled out a new 2011 version of the truck, complete with one very interesting exterior design. From the looks of things, the truck has all of the necessary goodies for tackling the trails of India, including a wicked light bar, a Mahindra logo-shaped snorkel, tow loops and yes, even a pick-axe.

According to Mahindra, the Bolero is the best-selling SUV in India. The truck sold 70,554 units last year, becoming the first SUV to break the 70,000 barrier in India in the process. It’s easy to see why. We love this thing almost in spite of ourselves. It looks like a mad scientist somewhere cooked up the DNA of a Hummer H2, Jeep Wrangler and a Land Rover Defender only to come out with this Tonka truck. Hit the jump for one very entertaining press release.

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Mahindra brushes back Global Vehicles, “rejects any attempt to order” pickups

mahindragvdispute 450x279 Mahindra brushes back Global Vehicles, rejects any attempt to order pickups

The automotive soap opera that is Mahindra keeps on turning. Today, the Indian automaker issued a statement regarding the claims put forth by Global Vehicles. Mahindra accuses GV of “engaging in PR theatrics while pursuing an unnecessary lawsuit.” It states that the contract with Global Vehicles expired and Mahindra is free to pursue other means of bringing its Pik-Up to its network of waiting U.S. dealers. It has effectively rejected Global Vehicles’ $35 million order. Mahindra further claims that Global Vehicles is working hard to damage its reputation while disrupting its attempts to bring the vehicle stateside.

Honestly, we would love to see this little truck land in dealer lots here, but we don’t know how this drama will play out. Both sides are pointing fingers and we expect name calling to soon follow. Either way, this doesn’t appear to a very productive way of expediting vehicles to showrooms, now does it?

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Global Vehicles announces $35M initial order of Mahindra pickups for U.S.

mahindra pickup small09 450x296 Global Vehicles announces $35M initial order of Mahindra pickups for U.S.

Mahindras road to the United States has been interesting so far, to say the least. It’s changed the trucks model name, seen delays in a target launch date, caused delays and broken contracts.

Many here in the states are eagerly awaiting the arrival of an official on-sale date for the Pik-up. The biggest group waiting for that announcement might just be Global Vehicles, the U.S. distributor for the little truck with potential big appeal. Global Vehicles has already invested nearly $100 million to bring the vehicle to the US and now they’ve placed an initial order for the Mahindra pickups to the tune of $35 million.
John Perez, CEO of Global Vehicles, says:

“We are proud of the sales and service network we created to support the launch of Mahindra vehicles, and we look forward to bringing American buyers something truly unique in the marketplace – rugged, high-quality, clean diesel pickup trucks that can achieve nearly 30 miles per gallon. Our dealers are all seasoned auto industry professionals who will treat customers with honesty, integrity and respect. We built our business on these bedrock principles, which should be the foundation of every business relationship.”

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Report: Mahindra says it has terminated U.S. dealer agreement

mahindragvdispute 450x279 Report: Mahindra says it has terminated U.S. dealer agreement

Mahindra’s four-year saga with Global Vehicles is taking so many turns, it should get a telenovela on Univision. When we recently posted that the Pik-Up finally received EPA certification, GV and its dealer network were excited and ready to go. However, commenters on that post noted a message on Mahindra’s site indicating that the company’s relationship with GV was kaput.

Mahindra hasn’t said a word since, but Global Vehicles and the dealers have let folks know that they aren’t impressed and that they have no idea what Mahindra thinks it’s doing. Global Vehicles’ official response was, “such attempted termination is invalid under applicable laws of the United States and the State of Georgia, something which Mahindra continues to disregard.” And a dealer who’s got a showroom ready to sell Pik-Ups in December said, “If they’re still coming in December of this year like they’ve said they are, they’re coming through my dealership, and that’s all there is to it.”
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