Man tattooes ‘Mini’ on his penis to win free Cooper

lead1 2011 mini cooper fd 450x298 Man tattooes Mini on his penis to win free Cooper

Think about the craziest thing you would do to win a free car. Andreas Muller of Germany has you beat. Muller really – really – wanted to win the Mini Cooper being given away by his local radio station, and in order to do so, he had the word “MINI” tattoed on his mini, err… penis.

Organizers of the stunt received a long list of crazy ideas, yet Muller’s stood out for the sheer ballsiness (pun intended). His screams of pain were broadcast over the air as the tattoo was applied to his now-sponsored manhood.
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Report: Next Mini to undergo major styling overhaul

paceman 630 419x300 Report: Next Mini to undergo major styling overhaul

The minds at Mini may be itching to stretch their design legs with the next generation Cooper. According toAutocar, BMW design guru Adrian van Hooydonk said that the third-generation hatchback will be a bigger design leap than the current generation, though he wasn’t exactly willing to dive into more detail on the look of the vehicle. Hooydonk did say that his army of artists is approaching the car with a clean sheet of paper, with a special focus on the interior and its central-mounted speedo. Still, we’d be surprised if the company decided to walk too far away from the brand’s core image.

The original Cooper soldiered on with nary a design change for 40 years before finally getting the axe. To some degree, Mini has chained itself to that legacy, and while the addition of new models like the Clubmanand Countryman have helped the brand distance itself from the Mini mold, we’re guessing that future iterations of the Cooper will still be easily identifiable as members of the pint-sized family.

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Mini: “The 500 is a darling little car… but we’re a premium brand”

minipacemansalkowski 450x300 Mini: The 500 is a darling little car... but were a premium brand

Mini showed off the Paceman Concept at this year’s Detroit Auto Show and announced not long afterward that it would spawn a production model. Tom Salkowski, who recently moved from BMW USA to Mini USA to fill the role of marketing manager, will be the man charged with getting the word about about Mini’s eighth model and the ones beyond. Here’s what he had to tell us.

  • The small car segment has erupted over the past couple of years and “Mini has prospered” even though it “faced significantly more competition.” But when asked what kind of head-to-head competitors the brand thinks it faces, Salkowski said “maybe Volkswagen, Mazda, Scion in the small-car segment,” with the caveat that since “Mini is very much a mindset, it’s different than other vehicles,” so “for the time being we don’t see anything.” Head of product management Oliver Friedmann confirmed the assessment with, “We don’t see any one-to-one competition, maybe the Evoque could be” for the Countryman.
  • Salkowski offered his thoughts on the Fiat 500 with, “The 500 is a darling little car, but Mini is a premium brand.”
  • On the discussion of roots and heritage at other emotional brands like BMW and Lotus, when asked how big the Mini brand and Mini cars could get and still be considered Minis, Friedmann said, “That’s what we try to find out at the moment. We just jumped over the four-meter line with the Countryman,” but reaction in the three months that the crossover has been on sale in Europe has been “very positive.”
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2011 Mini Cooper S

lead1 2011 mini cooper fd2 450x298 2011 Mini Cooper S

Henry Ford, Ferdinand Porsche, Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler. All pioneers in the automotive world. But this list would be woefully incomplete without the inclusion of Sir Alec Issigonis, the man most responsible for the design of the original Mini.

Issigonis once famously said, “When you’re designing a new car for production, never, never copy the opposition.” Sage advice, we’d say, as the Mini – a true clean-sheet automotive design, with its transverse engine, front-wheel drive and sparse seating – went on to become one of the most successful vehicles in history. And its name and likeness continue to live on in the form of the modern-day Mini Cooper, Clubmanand, most recently, Countryman.

Despite the similarities from one modern generation to the next, the BMW-owned automaker is quick to point out the myriad of changes made to the Cooper for the 2011 model year, not the least of which are improvements to the engine and transmission options, resulting in more power and improved efficiency.

So, the logical question is: Do these changes make a better Mini, or are they so minor (or is that Minor?) you won’t even notice?
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Mini to get new design head as Hildebrand exits

p90047185 630 450x252 Mini to get new design head as Hildebrand exits

Mini, perhaps more than any other automotive brand in the world, is defined by the style of its vehicles. Sure, Minis are decent performers and score pretty well on the fun-to-drive quotient, but the initial attraction of the brand is often due to the brand’s excellent execution of “the look.”

And, beside Alec Issigonis, the designer behind the iconic original Mini, this successful design language can be most directly attributed to Gert Volker Hildebrand, who up until now served as the head of the Mini Design Studio. That means Hildebrand is responsible for the reborn Cooper from 2001 and its siblings, the Convertible, Clubman and Countryman. He also oversaw the designs of the Mini Coupe and Roadster concepts from 2009, which are now nearing production.

A tough act to follow, no? Certainly, but it would seem the mantle will be ably handled by Hildebrand’s replacement, Anders Warming, who currently serves as head of Exterior Design, BMW Automobiles. Warming is attributed with recently updated models from BMW that include the Z4, 5 Series and, most recently, the 6 Series Concept Coupe.
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