Morgan Threewheeler marks the return of an icon

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After building 30,000 trikes between 1909 and 1953, Morgan is bringing the automotive tripod back for 2011.

The original three-wheeler was quick, but also achieved great fuel economy numbers. Fifty miles per gallon was regularly achieved thanks to its light weight, low rolling resistance and small engine, and in 1913 a trike won the French Grand Prix while averaging over 100 miles per hour on the banked curves of Brooklands.

The new 2011 Morgan Threewheeler is powered by a Screaming Eagle 1,800cc Harley-Davidson engine, mated to the five-speed manual transmission from a Mazda5. The powertrain is good for 100 horsepower at the rear wheel, which can scoot the 1,100-pound trike from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds and on to an estimated top speed of 115 mph.

Buyers will be able to select one of eight exterior color choices, which are all accented by black components in matte or gloss finish. The interior is available in either black or tan leather and features aircraft-style toggle switches for the various accessories. The initial run is for standard Morgan Threewheelers and then a bespoke version will be made available for customers who want a trike tailored to their liking. No word yet on pricing.
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Report: Two new models coming from Morgan

01 lifecar 630 402x300 Report: Two new models coming from Morgan

We suppose it was only a matter of time before mighty Morgan threw its cap into the electric car realm. With everyone from Mercedes-Benz to Audi toying around with motor-powered supercars, the eclectic purveyor of long-hood wonders was bound to follow suit. According to Autocar, we can expect to see a pair of new models to emerge from Morgan in short order. The first, called the LIFEcar 2, is especially mouth watering. The svelte coupe supposedly gets its power from a diesel-electric powertrain and will pack a range of around 1,000 miles. Despite its city car name, the LIFEcar 2 will be a sports car above all else.

As for the second model, Autocar was able to drum up very few details, other than it will be more extreme with a focus on entertainment.

If you’re thinking this sounds like the standard Brit-pub rumor mongering, think again. Morgan says it will bring the LIFEcar 2 from prototype to production, and that it will weight a scant 1,700 pounds when it hits the road. Hit the jump for the press release.

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