Hello Kitty wraps available for the Smart ForTwo

smartfortwohellokitty1 450x283 Hello Kitty wraps available for the Smart ForTwo

The Smart ForTwo and Hello Kitty… who thought it would’ve taken this long for those two to get together? Someone’s prayers have been answered with this, the two-seater wrapped in a vinyl flag of Sanrio’s 35-year-old Kitty that never stops being cute. This is just another addition to the 22 wraps already available via Smart’s Expressions program, and if it gets your attention, it comes in three flavors of its own. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if it’s for you, then follow the jump for all the info.

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Smart collaborating with Nissan on new B-segment car

smart 1286370697 450x267 Smart collaborating with Nissan on new B segment car

Smart has announced that it, the purveyor of pint-sized conveyances, has partnered up with Nissan to build a new vehicle slated to go on sale here in the States. Details are remarkably scarce at the moment, but Smart has been kind enough to roll out a couple of sketches to give us an idea of what’s coming down the pike. From the press release, we’re told that the new creation will be a five-door, B-segment competitor powered by a gasoline engine, and that it will go on sale late 2011.

Given the short lead time, we’re that the car will likely be based on the Nissan Micra, especially since Nissan’s current B-segment car, the Versa, is one of the largest offerings in that class. The sketches don’t exactly reveal too much, other than the fact that the vehicle will retain the Smart penchant for unique design.

As of right now, the two companies have merely signed a Memorandum of Understanding. That means that the final decision still has to go through numerous approvals before getting the go ahead. Still, it’s good to see Smart making moves to get out of the rut the company has been in for the past year or so. Hit the jumpto read the official press release.

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Smart ForTwo gets updates, new matte finish option

smart630opt Smart ForTwo gets updates, new matte finish option

Here in America, the Smart ForTwo isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes, mostly due to the fact that it isn’t very practical or efficient, it can carry an awfully high price point and the engine and transmission are, well, less than stellar. Still, Smart is hoping that a host of upgrades to the diminutive ForTwo will make it a more attractive to potential buyers seeking a sort of trendy urban-mobile, and the automaker will be adding things like new paint colors, better interior refinement and slight styling tweaks to the car in the Fall of this year.

In addition to the six metallic exterior colors, the ForTwo is now available in a cheeky matte light green, and convertible models can now be fitted with a red or blue soft top. Additionally, a slight nip/tuck has been given to the front fascia, which now includes optional LED daytime running lights in the lower air intakes. Inside, the instrument panel has been redesigned and a new touchscreen infotainment system is on hand, encompassing navigation, audio and Bluetooth connectivity controls. What’s more, a limited edition “Lightshine” model will be on hand, which adds things like body-colored headlamp surrounds, new 15-inch wheels and contrasting matte chrome components.

Not much has changed in the area of engines or transmissions, but Smart has found a way to lower the overall CO2 emissions of each powerplant. Even the most powerful engine remains under the 120 g/km mark, and the smallest diesel offering (not available in America) produces just 86 g/km of CO2. Fuel efficiency might not exactly be the Smart’s forte, but in terms of cleaner emissions, it’s seriously good.
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Stuck in Park: Smart trying to rejuvenate brand with… foil stickers

smartstickers630 300x167 Stuck in Park: Smart trying to rejuvenate brand with... foil stickers

Any press release dated April 1 is a potential disinformation landmine, but news of Smart’s latest attempt to make the ForTwo enticing seems legit. The diminutive Smart ForTwo has fallen on its face in the North American market, down 61 percent this March versus last year, and judging from the latest bit of groundbreaking marketing from Smart’s UK outpost, the word is out that there’s not much “there” there.

Adding stickers and interior customization options to a car that’s having a tough time in the marketplace is the auto sales equivalent of adding a cute kid to the cast of a failing sitcom. Smart has gone there by collaborating with Germany’s Timo Wuerz to design new foil stickers for the ForTwo’s Tridion safety cell. Patterns include skylines, stars, and flowers. Everybody w00t as you tweet the news. Brabus has been sucked into it, too, affixing its name to a carbon fiber-look applique package for the interior. There’s a Brabus LED daytime running light package as well, that’s actually a functional option.

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