Gran Turismo 5

gt5 lamborghini miura wheel 450x300 Gran Turismo 5

1,000 cars. Hundreds of events. 71 track variations. Six years in development. There are lots of numbers to throw around and lots of numbers behind the latest release of Gran Turismo, the version that fans of the franchise have been aching for while suffering through delay after delay. Gran Turismo 5 is finally here, and in plenty of ways it’s the best installment that the storied franchise has seen to date.

However, it’s also the least polished release, least complete feeling and seemingly the buggiest – yes, even worse than the infamously rushed Gran Turismo 2. It’s a frustrating mix of amazing content and glaring shortcomings that will leave even the most devout GT fanboys and girls with mixed feelings. But, of course, the full story is rather more complicated than that. So let’s get to it…

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