GWA Tuning channels the Mercedes-Benz C111 with Ciento Once prototype

gwa c111 450x300 GWA Tuning channels the Mercedes Benz C111 with Ciento Once prototype

What’s even better than a supercar? A one-of-a-kind factory prototype. And few drummed up as much excitement back in the 70s as the┬áMercedes-Benz C111. The experimental showcase demonstrated the epitome of performance technology and aerodynamics, and still stands as one of the most advanced prototypes ever devised in Stuttgart… or anywhere else for that matter. And now it’s back.

GWA Tuning, a Benz tweaker out of San Antonio, has breathed new life into the C111 formula with a recreation called the Ciento Once (Spanish for “one hundred eleven”). The one-off eschews the Wankel engine of the original for the AMG M120 V12 that drives the Pagani Zonda, driving 408 horsepower in this case through a six-speed transmission with the brakes from the S55 AMG and the rolling stock from theSLS. Have a closer look in the gallery below, and do try to keep the drool from puddling on the keyboard.