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Nissan Leaf owners have rapid response system lying in wait

nissan leaf 630 1290530738 450x298 Nissan Leaf owners have rapid response system lying in wait

The very first 2011 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles (Leaves?) are set to find their way into American hands next month, and Nissan is ready for whatever issues may arise from the vehicle’s launch. According to Automotive News, the Japanese manufacturer has assembled a rapid-reaction task force to pin down customer complaints before they get out of hand. The Los Angeles-based team is led by a group of 10 engineers that have been thoroughly trained on the vehicle’s drivetrain, and each engineer will have a squad of around 30 technicians at their beck and call. Nissan is currently looking to install similar outfits in both Europe and Japan.

The move is part of an effort to assuage any worries that buyers may have about being among the first to sign on the dotted line for their very own electric vehicle. In Japan, Nissan has even gone so far as to roll a program with free towing, unlimited free charging at dealerships and a 24-hour hotline for owner questions. So far, there’s no indication that Nissan USA will do the same.

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