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2011 Harley-Davidson CVO models

lead 2011 harley davidson cvo electra glide ultra 450x300 2011 Harley Davidson CVO models

Harley-Davidson isn’t exactly known for innovation. While the majority of players in the motorcycle world tend to push the envelope of performance and technology, The Motor Company has historically taken a different approach to its lineup of heavyweight motorcycles. In place of traction control and electronically adjustable suspension setups, H-D focuses on chrome, paint, tradition and… more chrome.

Nowhere is that strategy more evident than the yearly crop of models from its Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) unit, which has proven to be a rather successful way to entice buyers into its highest priced wares. As such, we shouldn’t expect any major adjustments to the basic way of thinking that’s proven itself time and time again from the brain-trust in Milwaukee.

That said, there are some meaningful updates for the 2011 model year that we were interested in seeing and hearing, so we saddled ourselves up on each of the four new CVO bikes in beautiful Lake Tahoe for some good ol’ fashioned riding impressions. Kick back, throw on your very best leather chaps and read on, Harley fans.

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