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Honda announces end of Element production

01hondaelementdogreview 450x289 Honda announces end of Element production

After a nine-year run, the Honda Element will officially be killed off after the 2011 model year. The Element has suffered from slow sales numbers over the past few years, and in the model’s death notice, Hondaspecifically cites that a large amount of customers prefer the better refinement and improved fuel economy of the automaker’s CR-V crossover.

Since its debut in December of 2002, more than 325,000 Elements have been sold in the United States. During its lifespan, we saw the introduction of the bolder-looking SC model in 2007, and just last year, Honda began offering the 2010 Element with a dog-friendly package (pictured). Modest facelifts over the years have helped keep the Element somewhat fresh, but newer competitors on the scene have helped expose weaknesses in refinement and power. That said, Honda’s boxy sport-ute has long been praised for its utility-oriented and easy-to-maintain interior – not to mention kicking off the modern styling trend of boxy vehicles.

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Mini to get new design head as Hildebrand exits

p90047185 630 450x252 Mini to get new design head as Hildebrand exits

Mini, perhaps more than any other automotive brand in the world, is defined by the style of its vehicles. Sure, Minis are decent performers and score pretty well on the fun-to-drive quotient, but the initial attraction of the brand is often due to the brand’s excellent execution of “the look.”

And, beside Alec Issigonis, the designer behind the iconic original Mini, this successful design language can be most directly attributed to Gert Volker Hildebrand, who up until now served as the head of the Mini Design Studio. That means Hildebrand is responsible for the reborn Cooper from 2001 and its siblings, the Convertible, Clubman and Countryman. He also oversaw the designs of the Mini Coupe and Roadster concepts from 2009, which are now nearing production.

A tough act to follow, no? Certainly, but it would seem the mantle will be ably handled by Hildebrand’s replacement, Anders Warming, who currently serves as head of Exterior Design, BMW Automobiles. Warming is attributed with recently updated models from BMW that include the Z4, 5 Series and, most recently, the 6 Series Concept Coupe.
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