Tanner Foust shreds at Ken Block Invitational Gymkhana Grid

foust630 450x298 Tanner Foust shreds at Ken Block Invitational Gymkhana Grid

When the smoke cleared this weekend at the inaugural Ken Block Invitational Gymkhana Grid event at Toyota’s Irwindale Speedway, Tanner Foust had claimed the top spot. The head-to-head event, which had drivers like Foust, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Andrew Comrie-Picard and host Ken Block cording brand-new tires in a matter of minutes, pitted powertrains (AWD or RWD) in the same brackets to keep things interesting. After several rounds of eliminations, it came down to just Foust and Block for the final – both drivers in similar 550 horsepower AWD Ford Fiestas. In the best-of-three sprints, Block ran nearly flawlessly, but Foust demonstrated inhuman levels of car control (720-degree spins just inches from a barrel) to take the first two races and the resulting overall win.

On a related side note: Earlier in the evening, Michael Essa, driving GSR Autosport’s 350R (a BMW V10-powered 3 Series), topped Vaughn Gittin to take the win at the Discount Tire burn-out contest. While other drivers spent their three minutes doing spins around the course, Essa simply cranked his steering wheel to the left and bounced off the rev-limiter (in third gear) until he disappeared into a thick gray cloud – liquidating his Nitto tires in 90 seconds of carnage.

Hit the jump to watch the complete battle between Block and Foust.

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2013 Hyundai Elantra Touring going five-door, leaving the wagon train behind

elantra 630 450x298 2013 Hyundai Elantra Touring going five door, leaving the wagon train behind

Fear not, hatchback fans. According to Hyundai CEO John Krafcik, the next-generation Hyundai Elantra Touring will debut in late 2012 as a 2013 model. Krafcik tells Autoblog that while the Elantra sedan is styled specifically for the American market, the Elantra Touring is being penned with European customers in mind. The company sells a long-roof version of the Elantra in the old country under the i30 banner, but from what we understand, American buyers will get a taste of the next-generation vehicle in about two years.

“We launched the Elantra touring a couple of years after we launched the Elantra and we’re going to have the same model cycle for Elantra Touring here,” Krafcik said. “We’re going to get the next-generation i30 here in the U.S. market in a couple of years.”

But don’t expect the vehicle to share too much DNA with the old long-roof Elantra. Krafcik tells AB that the new Touring will be significantly different from the model on sale right now: “It’s a great design. The Elantra Touring design actually came out of our California studio. We’re going to go with the shorter five-door hatchback bodystyle instead of the larger wagon style we have now.”
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Video: Hennessey Venom GT visits Jay Leno’s Garage

jay leno venom gt 630 450x250 Video: Hennessey Venom GT visits Jay Lenos Garage

In his quest to get his mitts on every piece of covetable sheetmetal on the planet, Jay Leno has just had aHennessey Venom GT in his modest little garage. With 1,200 horsepower packed into a lightweight chassis supplied by the gurus at Lotus, the machine is what our supercar dreams would be made of – if only we took LSD before bed. John Hennessey, the man behind this beast, says that the original goal for the Venom GT was to create a vehicle that made no apologies for its performance and power-to-weight ratio. As a result, don’t expect too many creature comforts to crop up in the cabin.

At around 2,700 pounds, the Venom GT provides one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any vehicle made today – production or otherwise. The biggest surprise is that even with all that power, the engine is sucking down about 18 psi of boost and runs off of pump gas. Sounds tasty to us. Hit the jump to see the late night funny man’s take onthe Venom GT.

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McLaren brings back the SLR for a limited-edition swan song

web630 1mclaren edition slr 450x285 McLaren brings back the SLR for a limited edition swan song

It’s been a year since the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was discontinued. 2,000 examples of five different variants of the extravagant supercar were made over the course of five years of production. And in its wake,Mercedes-Benz and McLaren have gone their separate ways, both on the track and off. Both have been keeping plenty busy since the divorce, but they’ve apparently gotten back together for one last hurrah.

Apparently created by McLaren as an aftermarket kit for existing models and unveiled at the Essen Motor Show (think of it as Germany’s SEMA), this McLaren Edition SLR packs revised aerodyanamics, steering, suspension and interior. The result is an exclusive swan-song for the exotic McMerc (only 25 examples will be offered), and it looks like it’s mated with a MG SV. Take a closer look with the images below and the video after the jump, where you may notice that the Mercedes part of the equation has been decidedly de-emphasized.

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How to build your own hidden racing sim setup and keep your wife happy

01 otto 630 450x300 How to build your own hidden racing sim setup and keep your wife happy

Two things have prevented us from installing a full-blown racing-wheel, pedals and seat in our living room for the likes of Gran Turismo 5 – the aggravation of having the hardware soak up space in the living room and the threat of endangering hard-earned household peace accords for such a folly. One enterprising soul over at OverClockers has come up with the perfect solution by genetically splicing attractive furniture and functional gaming hardware into one vastly superior being. Using a little MDF and some excellent upholstery work, user Lyshco has managed to create a racing cockpit that’s a little larger than your run-of-the-mill F1 throne, and he’s done so without shelling out nearly $7,000 for a convertible coffee table.

The trick is that the whole kit-and-caboodle folds up into a very attractive ottoman when not in use, saving everyone’s eyes from having to suffer through staring at the evidence of our dweeby past time. It turns out that old gem about necessity’s momma turns out to be true.

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