Video: Luca di Montezemolo drives the New Stratos

stratos 630 450x232 Video: Luca di Montezemolo drives the New Stratos

Don’t let anyone tell you that Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo can’t drive. The boss of one of the world’s most exclusive supercar brands recently took the time to hot-shoe the resurrected Stratos around the Fiorano race track in Italy. While watching a brand executive put a car through its paces is rare enough, it’s even more surprising to hear di Montezemolo heap praise on a vehicle without a Prancing Horse on the hood, even if there’s a 4.3-liter Ferrari V8 at the heart of the new car.

Throw in the fact that the new interpretation of one of Italy’s most iconic rally heathens looks and sounds the part, and you’ve got all the makings of juicy video clip.

Have we mentioned just how badly we want one of these? Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself.

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2010 Toyota RAV4 EV Concept

2010 toyota rav4 ev concept front angle view 450x300 2010 Toyota RAV4 EV Concept

Toyota RAV4 EV Concept released at LA Auto Show. Good performance its which added a major powertrain option, along with minor feature and cosmetic changes. The demonstration vehicle weighs approximately 220 pounds more than the current RAV4 V6 yet it will accelerate from zero to sixty nearly as quickly.

The Toyota is currently testing is powered by a lithium metal oxide battery with useable output rated in the mid-30 kwh range. However, many decisions regarding both the product, as well as the business model, have not been finalized. Battery size and final output ratings, as well as pricing and volume projections of the vehicle Toyota plans to bring to market in 2012, have not been decided.

The Toyota RAV4 EV received several distinct exterior styling changes including a new front bumper, grille, fog lamps and head lamps. New EV badging and the custom “mutually exclusive” paint color, completed the transformation. The interior received custom seat trim, multimedia dash displays, push-button shifter and dashboard meters. The RAV4 platform brings a 73-cubic-foot cargo area with rear seats folded down – no cargo space was lost in the conversion to an electric powertrain.

Toyota’s comprehensive technology strategy is a portfolio approach that includes a long-term commitment to hydrogen fuel cells, plug-in hybrids and battery electrics all driven by the further proliferation of conventional gas-electric hybrids, like Prius, as its core technology.

Toyota has announced that coinciding with the arrival of the Toyota RAV4 EV in 2012 it will launch, in key global markets, the Prius PHV (plug-in hybrid) and a small EV commuter vehicle. It will also launch, in key global markets, its first commercialized hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in calendar year 2015, or sooner.

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2011 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

lead1 2011 cadillac cts v wagon 450x298 2011 Cadillac CTS V Wagon

Instead of getting suckered into the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, a pea green calamity with excessive wood paneling and eight sealed-beam headlamps, a wiser move for Clark Griswold would have been to hold off until the first wave of high-performance station wagons rolled into showrooms. As it happened, just a few years after Clark traded in his Oldsmobile, sedans like the Volvo 740 and BMW E34 spawned the enthusiast-targeted Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon and BMW M5 Touring. Both five-doors would have given Christy Brinkley a serious run in her red Ferrari 308 GTSi.Those early gussied-up family haulers were the predecessors to theAudi RS6 Avant, Dodge SRT8 Wagon, BMW M5 Touring and Mercedes-Benz E63 Sport Wagon. None were intended to be volume models (in fact, two never made it to the States). Instead, each was fabricated to act as a flagship ambassador, a proof-of-concept to the performance capability of the five-door chassis and to deliver unchallenged bragging rights. Automakers didn’t build fast wagons because they had to – they built them because they could.

Cadillac, a company no longer content with letting others lead segments it once dominated, wanted to get into the frothy action. The luxury automaker felt an obligation to do “the right thing” and push for its own very unique five-door. The vision was clear – Cadillac wanted to build a CTS-V Wagon – and the concept was simple, making it difficult for management to contest (at the time, the organization was functioning inside circled-wagons). Since the platform and powertrain were already in existence, the ceremonial mating would be accomplished at minimal cost and everything could be completed at breakneck speed. Less than one year later, the all-new CTS-V Wagon is here.

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Saab cutting 200 jobs

12 2012 saab 9 4x opt 450x298 Saab cutting 200 jobs

Saab may been been saved from an untimely death by Spyker, but sales have yet to rebound. According toReuters, union representative Hakan Skott says the poor sales mean Saab will cut its workforce by 200 jobs, bringing overall employment at its Trollhättan complex from about 1,600 to 1,400. Skott claims this is no surprise, given that Saab’s sales forecast was revised downward from 45,000 units to between 30,000 and 35,000 for all of 2010.

Cutting nearly 15 percent of all factory jobs is a serious issue, but Skott feels (hopes?) sales will pick up in February or March. Saab didn’t comment on the report, though Spyker CEO Victor Muller reportedly toldDagens Industri that there was “no reason to worry,” adding that Saab still intends to build 80,000 vehicles in 2011. Muller added that temporary workers are the ones receiving pink slips.

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VW design chief says new Microbus is in the cards

vwmicrobus630 450x272 VW design chief says new Microbus is in the cards

It’s time to dust off the periodic dream of a new Volkswagen Microbus. The UK’s Auto Express reports that Klaus Bischoff, chief designer for the Volkswagen brand, thinks a new version of the classic Camper is a fundamental part of his job. This rumor has come around before, and the New Beetle’s ten-year run might help underscore the business case for a revival.

There were plans to offer a production version of the 2001 Microbus concept that made a splash at that year’s Detroit Motor Show, but cost considerations put an end to that project. A new Microbus is back on, according to Bischoff, and Volkswagen is trying to figure out how conventional or creative to go. VW’s design offices across the globe are being asked for their input to develop a vehicle with wide influence, and platforms and powertrains are up in the air. If this rumor sticks, we’re likely to see a concept in 2012.
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